Jazzleadsheets.com approached Analog Lifestyle for a full e-commerce website redesign and development. For years they had been relying on an antiquated e-commerce solution which prevented them from fully exploiting the immense amount of material they had. In fact, they had reached a point where they couldn't even add any more products! After exploring some hosted e-commerce solutions we settled on a Magento e-commerce implementation since the products they sold, lead-sheet PDFs for musicians, required very custom attributes and organization. With the technology settled we began a full redesign of the previous site, stripping it back to zero and starting over. The final product not only updated and unified the design elements, but gave Jazzleadsheets.com new ways to leverage video, social media, and their full catalog in order to promote sales.

• Magento 1.8.x
• Elasticsearch
• Debian 7.5 on Linode
• Nginx
• Git
• Phing

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